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Career Services

The Career Services office provides unique services to meet the needs of graduate students. Visit their website at http://www.career.ucf.edu

Graduate Events

Each semester, Career Services holds events and workshops specifically for graduate students. For more information about these events, click on “View Events ” on the CRC website, or contact the Career Services Center at 407/823-2361.


Click on the “Funding” link to the left for resources, databases, and information about funding opportunities.

Multicultural and Diversity Information and Funding

The Graduate College has a website dedicated to UCF fellowships as well as other possible funding sources for minority and multicultural graduate students.

Responsible Conduct in Research

How you conduct yourself during the research process and how you handle your data are very important. Reporting fraudulant data is harmful: http://www.webmd.com/brain/autism/news/20110105/bmj-wakefield-autism-faq

The National Academies: On Being a Scientist: A Guide to Responsible Conduct in Research
Free e-book available if read online.


3/25/13: Accepting Setbacks: Surviving When Your Dissertation Changes
by Katy Meyers

4/17/12: Why I Tossed Your Resume
Website: Chronicle of Higher Education
by Brent Miller
Pointers for resume writers (not for those putting together a CV)

8/18/11: Want to Be a Good Researcher? Try Teaching
Website: Chronicle of Higher Education
by Dan Berrett
Summarizes a study that showed graduate students gain (in research) by teaching.

9/10/10: 10 Tips on How to Write Less Badly
Website: Chronicle of Higher Education
by Michael C. Munger
Intended for faculty and administrators, but an interesting read for any graduate student.

11/10/06: Mastering Your PhD
Website: Science Journal Online
Monthly article series by P. Gosling and B. Noordam.

4/2008: What They Didn’t Teach You in Graduate School
PDF: Chronicle of Higher Education, Point of View by P. Gray and D. Drew

7/2007: Choose an Advisor, Be an “Armchair Anthropologist” 
PDF: Science Journal Online by S. Carpenter

Career References

UCF Career Resource Center
Resources and references specifically for graduate students

National PostDoctoral Association
Resources and information for postdocs

Ph.D. Career Resources: Writing CVs and Resumes
Website: Re-Envisioning the Ph.D.

Ph.D. Career Resources: On-line articles
Website: Re-Envisioning the Ph.D.

Search and apply for federal grants.