How do I know that everything is okay for graduation?

When you first file your intent to graduate, your status will be noted as “Applied.” If there are any outstanding issues with your program of study, the COS Graduate Office or your graduate program will notify you.

After College of Sciences’ approval (which will occur by mid-semester), the Graduate College accepts your intent to graduate and your status will be updated to “Pending.” This will remain the status of your intent until you are certified for graduation. Once you are certified, your intent status will be updated to “Awarded.”

But how will I be notified that everything is okay for graduation?

Are you checking your e-mail? Please be certain to check your student E-mail, as this is your official university e-mail account and any correspondence or reminders regarding graduation (including thesis and dissertation deadlines) are only sent to this account.


You must be enrolled the semester you plan to graduate OR you must have an official waiver of enrollment granted by the Graduate College.

I’ve not yet defended, but I finished the minimum required number of thesis/dissertation hours? Do I still have to be enrolled?

Yes. If you have not yet defended your thesis or dissertation, you must be enrolled into three credit hours of XXX6971/7980 until you successfully defend your thesis or dissertation.  If you have completed all minimum program coursework and thesis hours, and receive approval from your committee chair or adviser, you man enroll in minimum of one credit hour of XXX6971/7980.

What if I’m not completing a thesis or dissertation, but I’ve completed all my classes?

If you have completed all your classes, but have not yet completed all of the requirements of the degree, at a minimum you must enroll into an administrative course: IDS 6999 (this course is only enrolled by override – please see your program’s director for more information).

For example:

  • If you have completed all your courses, but have not yet taken your comprehensive exams, you must enroll into IDS 6999.
  • If you have a final presentation requirement, you must enroll into IDS 6999 or some other advised course enrollment equivalent to at least one hour of enrollment.
What if I completed my thesis or dissertation, can I get an enrollment waiver?

For students completing a thesis or dissertation to be granted a waiver of enrollment, at a minimum you must have met the format deadline and the defense deadline in the preceding semester (the document must be complete except for final upload). To request the waiver of enrollment, please notify the editor ( of your interest, and she will confirm if you are eligible and notify both you and the college that the waiver has been granted.

Your Intent to Graduate

What if I want to change my diploma mailing address?

You can change your diploma mailing address by e-mailing the Graduate Records office at This can be done until the day of Commencement.

What do I do if I need to withdraw my intent to graduate?

As soon as you realize that you will not be able to graduate, please make certain that your program and the COS graduate office know. To officially withdraw your application, contact the Graduate College at Be certain to include your full name and the name of your graduate program in the e-mail. Any student who withdraws their intent to graduate will need to file a new one in order to be eligible for degree certification in a future semester.

I was admitted as a part of a cohort, but still have one more requirement to complete. Even though I won’t be receiving a degree, can I walk in the ceremony with my classmates?

Master’s degree students have the option of participating in the ceremony without earning the degree (the classification is known as “walk only”). This is normally only allowed if you are within one semester of graduation. If you select to do this, you will need to let us know as you will need to file your intent via a form as opposed to electronically. Your online intent to graduate will be withdrawn, but the hardcopy form will keep you on the graduation list so you are able to order your cap and gown and receive tickets for your guests.