October 7, 2019


3/25/13: Accepting Setbacks: Surviving When Your Dissertation Changes
by Katy Meyers

4/17/12: Why I Tossed Your Resume
Website: Chronicle of Higher Education
by Brent Miller
Pointers for resume writers (not for those putting together a CV)

8/18/11: Want to Be a Good Researcher? Try Teaching
Website: Chronicle of Higher Education
by Dan Berrett
Summarizes a study that showed graduate students gain (in research) by teaching.

9/10/10: 10 Tips on How to Write Less Badly
Website: Chronicle of Higher Education
by Michael C. Munger
Intended for faculty and administrators, but an interesting read for any graduate student.

11/10/06: Mastering Your PhD
Website: Science Journal Online
Monthly article series by P. Gosling and B. Noordam.

4/2008: What They Didn’t Teach You in Graduate School
PDF: Chronicle of Higher Education, Point of View by P. Gray and D. Drew

7/2007: Choose an Advisor, Be an “Armchair Anthropologist” 
PDF: Science Journal Online by S. Carpenter