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Email Distribution Group Request

This is the process to request a COS email distribution group. Typically, these groups are created to provide an easy way to email a large group of faculty or staff with a common interest.

To learn more about distribution groups – UCF Mail Distribution Group Presentation

Please note that only those on UCF Exchange (with an email; NOT knightsmail) can use and be added to an email distribution group at this time.  For other options, please contact us.

If you are a College of Sciences school or department in need of a distribution group, Submit an email distribution group request with the following information (all required unless otherwise noted):

  1. Name of account: ex. “Faculty”
  2. EMPLID and Office Phone of Primary Owner:
  3. EMPLID and Office Phone of Backup Owner:
  4. EMPLID and Office Phone of 2nd Backup Owner (optional):
  5. Department Name:
  6. Department Phone:
  7. Purpose for this account

We will create a ticket and, upon appropriate approval (Director, Dean, Chair), will submit the request on your behalf through the PeopleSoft self-service portal where the list will be created.

Once the list is created, COSIT will send an email to the owner of the list with access and management instructions.

Submit an email distribution group request