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Organizational Email Account Request

This is the process to request a COS organizational account.  Typically, these accounts are created to allow email/calendar functionality for a school, department, program or administrative area.

If you are a College of Sciences school or department in need of an organizational email account, contact us with the following information:

  1. Name of account – For example,  [departmentname]
  2. Primary owner of account name and PID (required, this person will be responsible for password resets and other managerial responsibilities of the account)
  3. Backup/co-owner of account name and PID (required, this person backs up the primary owner)
  4. 2nd backup/co-owner of account name and PID (optional)
  5. Purpose for this account (required)

We will create a ticket and, upon appropriate approval (Director, Dean, Chair), will submit the request on your behalf through the PeopleSoft self-service portal where the account will be created.

Once the account is created, COSIT will send an email to the owner of the account with access instructions.

Submit an organizational account request