Registration is in the lobby of the Business Administration I building (BA1).  All talks will be held in BA1, with all plenary talks in Room 119, and all contributing talks in rooms 116, 121 and 122.  This year, there are 4 plenary talks, one special talk by a graduate student (to graduate in 2019), and 56 additional contributing talks.

The plenary and special talks are 50 minutes each with 5 minutes for questions and a 5 minute break at the end.  Contributing talks are 20 minutes each with 2 minutes for questions and a 3 minute break at the end.  Please click on the link below to see the most up-to-date schedule of talks (including any cancellations), and click on each title to see the abstract.  A list of contributing speakers in alphabetical order can also be found here.  A PDF of the overall conference program can be found here.

Schedule of Talks


Business Administration Building I (BA1)
University of Central Florida
12744 Pegasus Dr.
Orlando, FL 32826

You can go here to enter your starting address to get directions to BA1.

Talks will be held in rooms 116, 119, 121 & 122.


  • Please park in student parking lots and garages. These lots are marked with green signs that include the letter (D), which denotes a student permit.  Parking is free for conference attendees in these designated areas.  You can find a campus parking map here.
  • Parking in any Faculty (B), Staff (C), and specialty spaces are prohibited. Violators will be subject to a citation.
  • Do not park in Reserve 24 hours spaces.


Qasim Alharbi, Southern Illinois University
Saleh Aljurbua, Southern Illinois University
Sarah Allred, Louisiana State University
Ibrahim Alnassar, Southern Illinois University
Krishnasamy Arasu, Riverside Research
Amin Bahmanian, Illinois State University
Andre Beckus, University of Central Florida
Christian Bosse, University of Central Florida
Casey Bosse, Casey Elaine Photography
Farid Bouya, Lousiana State University
Kevin Byrnes, DuPont
Jian Cao, Hangzhou Normal University
Guantao Chen, Georgia State University
Maria Chudnovsky, Princeton University
Wei Chun, Taiwan University
Parisa Darbari, University of Central Florida
Guoli Ding, Louisiana State University
Ryan Dougherty, Arizona State University
Blake Dunshee, Vanderbilt University
Mark Ellingham, Vanderbilt University
John Engbers, Marquette University
Michael Engen, University of Florida
Sean English, Ryerson University
Margherita Maria Ferrari, University of South Florida
Daniel Gibney, University of Central Florida
Xiaofeng Gu, University of West Georgia
Himanshu Gupta, University of Delaware
Van Hoang, Valencia College
Sarah Holliday, Kennesaw State University
Zhenmu Hong, Anhui University of Finance and Economics
Muhammad Imran, United Arab Emirates University
Yifan Jing, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne
Guangming Jing, Georgia State University
Daniel Johnston, Grand Valley State University
Amit Kaushal, University of Texas at Dallas
Hwee Kim, University of South Florida
Thomson Kneeland, Montclair State University
Daniel Kráľ, Masaryk University and University of Warwick
Jaromy Kuhl, University of West Florida
Joshua Lambert, Georgia Southern University
Thomas Lewis, Furman University
Lina Li, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Runrun Liu, College of William and Mary
Xujun Liu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Wenjian Liu, City University of New York
Oscar Lopez, Florida Atlantic University
Xiaoyun Lu, US Census Bureau
Tanya Lueder, Louisiana State University at Alexandria
Hannah Mendoza, University of North Florida
Zhengke Miao, Jiangsu Normal University
Theodore Mishura, University of Delaware
Theodore Molla, University of South Florida
Ram Mohapatra, University of Central Florida
Brendan Nagle, University of South Florida
Esmeralda Nastase, Xavier University
Phuc Nguyen, Louisiana State University
Ning Ning, University of Washington
Majid Noroozi, University of Central Florida
Bogdan Oporowski, Louisiana State University
Negar Orangi-Fard, Kansas State University
Elena Pavelescu, University of South Alabama
Andrei Pavelescu, University of South Alabama
Katherine Perry, University of Denver
Yingjie Qian, Georgia Institute of Technology
Michael Reid, University of Central Florida
Ramchandra Rimal, University of Central Florida
Martin Rolek, College of William & Mary
Michael Schroeder, Marshall University
Chathurani Senevirathna, University of Central Florida
Paul Seymour, Princeton University
Songling Shan, Illinois State University
Abhinav Shantanam, Simon Fraser University
Zhisheng Shuai, University of Central Florida
Warren Shull, Emory University
Rinovia Simanjuntak, Institut Teknologi Bandung
Vaidynathan Sivaraman, University of Central Florida
Zixia Song, University of Central Florida
Judson Stryker, Stetson University
Shaohui Wang, Texas A&M International University
Rupei Xu, The University of Texas at Dallas
Murong Xu, Ohio State University
Donglei Yang, Georgia Institute of Technology
Laura Yang, University of Central Florida
Dong Ye, Middle Tennessee State University
Youngho Yoo, Georgia Institute of Technology
Gexin Yu, College of William & Mary
Xingxing Yu, Georgia Institute of Technology
Xiaofan Yuan, Georgia Institute of Technology
Jingmei Zhang, University of Central Florida
Fangfang Zhang, University of Central Florida
Meng Zhang, University of North Georgia
Shunzhe Zhang, Hubei University
Qin Zhao, Hubei University
Yue Zhao, University of Central Florida
Dantong Zhu, Georgia Institute of Technology