Frequently Asked Questions

What is a candidacy exam?
The candidacy exam consists of a written part and an oral part. The written part is a four hour test based on the two sequences most related to the student’s proposed research. The oral part includes a student’s presentation on their proposed research followed by questions from their dissertation committee.

If my undergraduate degree is not in mathematics, what is the minimum level of mathematics undergraduate courses I should have?
All the graduate level courses required for the certificate program assume the students with the following undergraduate courses or their equivalence:

MAC 2311, MAC 2312, MAC 2313: Calculus I, II, III
MAP 2302: Differential Equations
MAS 3105: Matrix and Linear Algebra
It is highly recommended that you master (by taking a class or studying on your own) the content of these courses before you take any graduate level courses.

What are the minimum admission requirements to the certificate program?
A Bachelor degree in mathematics or related areas. For non-math majors, the completion of MAS 3105 and MAP 2302 are required.

Will all required courses be available as online courses?
At least six courses will be made available as online courses. More online courses will be added.

Each spring and fall semester, at least two online courses will be offered. In the summer, online course(s) will be offered as long as our budget permits us to do so.

How do I choose the elective course?
You may choose any graduate level course in the department of mathematics as your elective course. You should always consult with the graduate coordinator with your selection of the elective course. You may choose an online course or a face-to-face course.

Will my elective course be available as an online course?
We will make more and more courses available as online courses but we cannot promise the one you select as your elective course is available as an online course.

Can I change from the certificate program to a master program?
Yes, you may apply to transfer to the Master program or Ph.D. program if you are qualified. Since all the online courses are part of our regular graduate courses, you may take the credits with you when you are admitted to the graduate degree program. The university policy allows automatic transfer of up to 9 credit hours of graduate level courses between programs and anything beyond 9 credit hours will have to be petitioned through the College of Graduate Studies. It is strongly recommended that you transfer soon after you have 9 credit hours and before you have too many credit hours.

Is there a time limit on the completion of the certificate program?
There is no official time limit but it is highly recommended that students should complete the certificate program within three years.

What is the main difference between the Industrial Mathematics track and the regular Mathematical Sciences track?
The Industrial Mathematics track is meant to be a terminal degree for a student who wants a career in industry. The courses may be not be aligned to our Ph.D. program as in the regular M.S. program.