How to get started?

Financial Aid Access Code: A How-to Guide for Students

The Financial Aid Access Code will help you get started in ALEKS in case you experience any delays in receiving your financial aid funds. This code will give you 14 days temporary access to ALEKS. You will need to purchase a regular ALEKS access code to complete your course.


1) The Financial Aid Access Code does not add an additional two weeks to your account. Once you purchase and activate a regular access code, 14 days will be deducted from that code length.

2) Be sure to purchase and activate your ALEKS access code BEFORE the two weeks expire. This will save you time and trouble, and will cause the least amount of disruption to your learning.

3) Have a question or need help? Contact ALEKS Customer Support at Aleks Support

Registering in ALEKS with a Financial Aid Access Code ONLY

(regular registrations are achieved through your UCF Webcourses Login)

Extend Your ALEKS Account Access from Two Weeks to a Full Term

After you activate the Financial Aid Access Code, you will be able to work in ALEKS for two weeks. You will see a notification every time you log in, reminding you when your temporary access will expire. You can extend access to your class from your Student Account Home.

Extend your ALEKS account access from two weeks to a full term through your Student Account Home:

1. Log in to your ALEKS account.

2. Open the Actions menu for your class, and then select Extend access to this class.

3. If you already have an access code, enter it at this time. Otherwise, click on Purchase an Access Code and follow the steps to purchase one directly online.

Be sure to purchase an access code that will accommodate the length of your class! Remember, the Financial Aid Access Code DOES NOT add two weeks to your account.

Has two weeks already gone by? That’s ok! Just log in to your ALEKS account and open the actions menu for your class. Then, select Renew access to this class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I forgot to extend access to my account before the two weeks expired. Can I still log in and extend my account? Or do I need to create a new account?

A: You don’t need to create a new account. Just log in to your current account and select Actions for your class. Then, select Renew access to this class from the menu. Follow the steps to enter a new access code or purchase one directly online.

Q: Will I have access to ALEKS 360 eBooks if I’m using a temporary access code?

A: Yes. The Financial Aid Access Code does include access to ALEKS 360.

Q: I purchased an access code and extended my account, but it says I have less time than the length that I purchased. Why?

A: The Financial Aid Access Code does NOT add additional time to your account. The start date of your account is always the date you first activated the temporary access and NOT the date when the account was extended with a purchased access code.

Q: Will the Financial Aid Access Code work for any type of ALEKS course?

A: The Financial Aid Access Code is available for all ALEKS higher education courses. However, the specific code you receive from your instructor will only work for that one class.

Q: How many times can I use the Financial Aid Access Code for my class?

A: You can only use the temporary access code once for your class. If you try to enter it a second time, you’ll see an error message.