About MyLabsPlus

Looking for a course number? Wondering how to enroll?

  • Please keep in mind that while you’re in our classes, you will find your assignments at ucf.mylabsplus.com, not www.mylabsplus.com, mylabsplus.com, or course compass. If you’re looking for a course number, you’re very likely on the wrong website.
  • Your instructor will enroll you in the course and it should appear automatically in your list of courses. You will not have to add yourself. Please do check my.ucf.edu, however, to confirm that you are in fact enrolled in the course according to the college.

Technical Difficulties

  • If you are experiencing technical difficulties with MyLabsPlus, you will first want to reboot your computer and try another browser or computer.
  • Clearing the cache may also help.
  • You can also try the Answer Wizard on the MyLabsPlus Helpdesk or call support at (888) 883-1299 or (800) 677 6337. Please tell the agent you are using MyLabsPlus and save your incident number.
  • Please keep in mind that your instructor will usually not be able to give you technical support or extend deadlines if your home computer is not working. While it may be wise to notify your instructor of a difficulty, it is your responsibility to maintain access.
  • If a deadline is approaching, consider coming into the MALL.

Access Codes

    • While you will from the beginning be able to access the syllabus, discussion board, and faculty information, the homework, quizzes, and tests will be inaccessible until you enter an access code.
    • An access code can be acquired a variety of ways:
      • Included with the purchase of a new textbook package available at the on-campus bookstore as well as many local off campus bookstores
      • Purchased online directly from Pearson while logging into the system
      • Purchasing the textbook and access code online via other websites is discouraged since many students accidentally purchase the incorrect items and then have difficulty obtaining a refund.
    • Temporary Access Code: Please note that in an effort to get students started on their homework and quizzes as early as possible; a temporary access code is also available.
    • This code is free, but it lasts for the first couple of weeks of the semester. If you use the temporary access code, keep in mind that it will expire. YOU WILL HAVE TO BUY AN ACCESS CODE AFTER THE TEMPORARY ACCESS CODE EXPIRES OR YOU WILL LOSE ALL ACCESS TO HOMEWORK, QUIZZES, TESTS, etc.


  • Homework
    • Homework is designed to give the students practice problems for chapter sections.
    • The online homework assignments have the textbook attached so that students can refer back to the textbook.
    • The online homework assignments also have a feature that guides the student through a similar problem.
  • Quizzes
    • Online Quizzes give the students questions similar to the homework.
    • Students may not have help from the tutors or instructors on the quiz; however, once the student has finished the quiz, the instructors and tutors can review the questions with the student.
  • Study Plan
    • The Study Plan feature allows for students to work on practice problems that are tailored to their weaknesses.
    • These practice problems focus on the questions most missed on quizzes and practice tests.
    • This helps the student work on the concepts they most struggle with.