Intermediate Algebra & College Algebra

Check the syllabus for more information on class schedules and testing schedules.

Check the Testing Policy and Procedure Here ]

General Test Awareness

  • Have an active (not expired) access code. You should check your account before you go to the test
  • Memorize your NID and password to log into a computer and Webcourses@UCF.
  • Make sure that you arrive early as the test will start on time. You will lose elapsed time if you are late or don’t know login information and need to retrieve it.
  • If you miss any of the first three tests you’ll default to option (b) in which a missed test is replaced by the final exam.
  • You must have a UCF ID and put it on the desk to the left of the keyboard to make it easy for the staff to check.
  • Bring one 8 ½” x 11” blue/green book with nothing written on it (see UCF bookstore or vending machine outside MALL or Student Union front desk).
  • Bring $.50 (two quarters) if you are going to use a locker (read instructions before you use a locker so you don’t lose the money before it locks). No personal belongings are allowed during testing.
  • Bring at least one writing utensil.
  • During a test, a password will be provided by a proctor.
  • NO cellphones, NO skateboards, NO calculators (you’ll be given a TI-30XA), NO smart watches. (If you don’t want put them in a locker please don’t bring them with you and don’t jeopardize your final grade). Proctors are not allowed to answer your questions about calculator use during testing. So, you should buy one and practice with it.
  •   When you have finished your test, raise your hand, and a proctor will collect your blue/greenbook and calculator.
  •  At all times, you must abide by Mathematics Assistance and Learning Lab (MALL) Policies and Procedures, and The UCF Golden Rule.