PreCalculus & Trigonometry

Pre-calculus and Trigonometry – Testing in the MALL

There will be three tests throughout the semester and a comprehensive final exam.  They will be administered in the MALL and it will be your responsibility to register for them through a dedicated website; see the section on test scheduling.  We will announce a time period in which you are able to schedule your test.  All tests must be scheduled during the allotted time period for that particular test.  Once the scheduling time period has ended, there will not be any changes or additions to the test schedules.

Please make sure that you have scheduled your test prior to the scheduled closing date, as you will receive a grade of 0% if you do not schedule your test.  This policy applies to the three semester tests.  For the final exam, see the make-up policies.

If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, a grade of 0% will be earned for the test.  This includes showing up at a time other than the one your test is scheduled for.

Students electing to take their tests with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) must schedule their tests with SAS during the usual scheduling period, follow all SAS requirements for test scheduling, and take their test on one of the testing days scheduled for their course section.  If you are taking your test with SAS, do NOT schedule an appointment for MALL testing!

It is your responsibility to make sure your registration was successful.  You are not registered for an exam until you can see your reservation listed under “Check reservation” when you log into the scheduling website.  You should also receive a confirmation message on the computer screen upon successfully completing your exam registration, and/or a confirmation email within a few hours.  However, the only actual indication that you are indeed scheduled for the exam is the reservation listed under the “Check Reservation / Need Support?” link.

Test Registration

  • How do I register for a test?
    • Log in to webcourses
    • Click on your course.
      • Click the “Test Scheduling” link
        Please use your UCF NID as your username and your last name as password to sign in. Please enter your last name exactly as it is spelled including capital letters. For example, if your last name is Smith, it must be entered as ‘Smith’ and NOT ‘smith’.
    • Once you have successfully logged into the reservation system, click on a date to create a reservation. The testing dates for each test are listed in the calendars.
    • After deciding on the best available date and time, confirm your email address and complete your reservation.
    • Check your reservation by clicking on the Check Reservation link. If you cannot see your reservation, you do not have a reservation. You can also verify your reservation by checking your Knights email account for the confirmation email.
    • You may reenter “Test Scheduling” at any point to check your reservation and can change your reservation up until the time test scheduling has closed.
  • When?
    • Please be aware that there are select dates when the test scheduling will be open to students. These dates are listed in the syllabus and calendar.
    • Scheduling for your tests will open approximately a week before the first day of testing. You choose one of the open selected times for your test. It is your responsibility to arrive at your scheduled test time.
    • If you have not scheduled by the time the window has closed, you will not be able to schedule; we do not allow students to (re-)schedule once testing has begun.
    • Most actual tests require 50 minutes, but you will have scheduled a time period longer than that. We use this time as a buffer to facilitate testing. If you think you will be unable to stay an entire time period (e.g. you have work 60 minutes after the test begins), please choose a time period in which you have more flexibility.