November 6, 2018


  1. Ashish Bhatt is currently a postdoc research associate, Institute of Applied Analysis and Numerical Simulation at University of Stuttgart. 12/2016

    Ashish Bhatt
    Ashish Bhatt (PhD 2016, Advisor: Brian Moore), University of Stuttgart
  2. Congratulation to  Yi Zhu (recipient of the  2016 Research Excellence Award),  Ashish Bhatt (recipient of the 2016 Teaching Excellence Award),  Rajitha Puwakgolle (recipient of the 2016 Teaching Assistant Award) and Arita Dutta  (recipient of the 2016 Outstanding Dissertation Award).  11/2016
  3. Ashish Bhatt (Advisor: Brian Moore), Arita Dutta (advisors: Xin Li and Qiyu Sun)  and Yi Zhu (Advisor: Yuanwei Qi) passed their defense and awarded PhD degrees. 11/2016
  4. Arita Dutta and Pawan Gupta attended Distributed and Parallel Data Analysis Workshop,  September 21 – 23, 2016, at SAMSI (09/2016)
  5. Mangalagama Dewasurendra published papers in International Journal of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Communications in Numerical Analysis. (09/2016)
  6. NSA host an information session on the Summer Program for Operations Research Technology (SPORT).  09/2016
  7. Robert Muise (PhD 2003 Advisor: Ram Mohapatra, Master 1990, Bachelor 1988) was honored as the UCF Mathematics Department’s 2016 College of Sciences Outstanding AlumKnight.  Dr. Muise currently serves as a senior staff engineer in the applied research department for Lockheed Martin – Missile & Fire Control, where he’s worked since 1998.  COS NEWS, 07/2016

    Robert Muise
    Robert Muise (PhD 2003, ), Lockheed Martin
  8. Jeff Shape (advisor:  Andrew Nevai) passed the PhD defense. His dissertation is A mathematical model for feral cat ecology with application to disease.
  9. Maria Strawn (advisor:  Constance Schober) passed the PhD defense. Her dissertation is Modeling rogue waves in deep water.
  10. Congratulation to Ariello Gaudiello to make the finalists for the 2016 AIMS Student Paper Competition at the 11th AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications, which was held on July 1 – July 5, 2016, in Orlando.
  11. Yvette Kanouff (Master 1993) currently serves as the Senior Vice President/General Manager of the Cisco’s Service Provider Business. He was among 14 named to the 50th anniversary class of Cable TV Pioneers, 2016.  She also founded the Yvette Kanouff Industrial Mathematics Scholarship   and explore his interview on mathematics and technology. (05/2016)

    Yvette Kanouff
    Yvette Kanouff (Master 1993), Senior Vice President/General Manager, Service Provider Business
  12. Matthew Russo (advisor:  Sudipto Choudhury) passed the PhD defense. His dissertation is Building Lax Integrable Variable-Coefficient Generalizations to Integrable PDEs and Exact Solutions to Nonlinear PDEs.
  13. Congratulation to Arielle Gaudielle. She was chosen to receive the 2015-2016 university award for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching by the UCF Graduate Council. The UCF Graduate Council recommended Arielle for this award based on her extensive credentials that demonstrate the significant contribution she has made as a student teacher in the mathematics department. COSNEWS  04/2016
  14. Congratulation to Thanapat Phoolsuk, who received  the 2016 Yvette Kanouff Industrial Mathematics  Scholarship (04/2016)