Mock Research Conference and Officer Nominations!

Come out to our general body meeting today to see fascinating research some of our members are working on! This will be followed by officer nominations, and of course, pizza, as always!

Machine Learning Workshop!

Our vice-president, Al, will be hosting a two-day machine learning workshop after Spring Break (on Tuesday, 3/26, and Thursday, 3/28, from 4-6 PM, in MSB 110). This is a beginner-friendly course that is open to all, so please make it if you can!

UCF Integration Bee

Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in the first annual UCF Integration Bee in several years! It was really fulfilling to see an old tradition of the Collegiate Mathematical Society revive and have so much interest behind it. Because the contest was so well received, we hope to organize this contest each semester.

Special congratulations to our Grand Integrator, Giuliano, and our runner-up, Maverick! For those of you who will still be in undergrad for Fall 2024, make sure to give the contest another try!

Finally, thank you so much to Scully for being an amazing MC and for everyone else behind the scenes who made this event possible! With more interest, we will definitely improve our contest each time and grow as an organization.


Applications of Discrete Mathematics on Computer Science

Dr. Steinberg talks about how math developed computer science through computability and complexity theory!

Mathematics at the Intersection of Ecology and Epidemiology

At this general body meeting, Dr. Shuai talks about mathematical biology, specifically ecology and epidemiology!

First Spring GBM!

Come out for updates on what we have planned this semester, a presentation by Dr. Shuai, and a fun game of Estimathon!


Thank you so much to everyone who came out and made STEM Day a success! We hope to continue this tradition each semester as a way to instill interest in mathematics within younger students.

Game Night!

Hope everyone who came out today had a lot of fun! Special thanks to our secretary, Tommy, for organizing the team trivia game!


Second General Body Meeting!

Come out to our second general body meeting for an information session about academic advancement programs!

First Fall GBM!

Thank you to everyone who came out to our first general body meeting of the semester! It was great seeing some new faces as well as familiar faces from previous years. Hope to see you at the future events we have planned!