Madeline Worsham serves as the Associate Director of Development for the College of Science, where she brings her passion for community and interpersonal connections to her work. She finds joy in working with individuals, guiding them on their journey to connect with and support the college. Madeline loves connecting with people and hearing their personal stories, which fuels her dedication to fostering meaningful relationships within the community.

Born and raised in a small rural town in Michigan, Madeline moved to Orlando to attend the University of Central Florida (UCF), where she earned her Bachelor’s in Event Management and Master’s in Nonprofit Management. Madeline’s deep passion for UCF makes her thrilled to return to the university that created so many wonderful memories and set her up for success in her career.

Prior to her current role, she gained valuable experience working for a mental health nonprofit and in food and beverage sales. No matter where she is, Madeline remains people-centered, enjoying getting to know each individual and what sparks their interest, and ensuring they stay involved with the university and community.