Vision for the Future

If we are successful in implementing our strategies,

  • The department will be highly research-oriented without any compromise in the quality of education and training for our undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Our faculty and students will be strongly engaged in pushing the frontiers of knowledge in physics and its related disciplines through creative and original research publications and other scholarly activities.
  • Our faculty will be promoting further intellectual curiosity and critical thinking in our students through developments in pedagogy that foster student learning and engagement.
  • The department will foster diversity in the broadest sense and provide a climate that is friendly and conducive to intellectual and educational development of students, faculty, and staff from diverse groups.
  • It will  exemplify leadership in research, education and service at UCF and beyond.
  • It will be engaged in interdisciplinary activities both with faculty at Centers and other departments at UCF and other universities and national laboratories, through externally funded grants.
  • It will have taken a lead in international research collaboration, capitalizing on existing programs and fostering new relationships.
  • It will be committed to broadening the scientific knowledge of the public in the metropolitan area through outreach activities and community involvement.
  • It will have generated significant industrial partnership for mutual benefit and career opportunities for its students.
  • It will be a lively research and educational center of world-class excellence.