Bio – Amy LeBlue-DeBartola

Hi! I’m a first year Grad student at UCF, Physics with Planetary track PhD hopeful. I double majored in physics, with a concentration in astronomy, and biochemistry at LSU. My research specialty is astrobiology, and I am currently working on several of the projects going on in the lab, ranging from fitting spectra to biochem lab work. I have previously done under Dr. Geoffrey Clayton working on type II L/P supernovae dust production and identification of R Corona Borealis stars via spectroscopy. My senior year I completed a senior thesis working with a partner on V1017 SGR, an unusual nova that exhibits both dwarf and classical events. I also attended an REU program hosted by SDSS and the Harvard CFA, where I worked on writing a program to select hyper-variable Quasars from the TDSS survey under Dr. Chelsea MacLeod.

As you can hopefully tell by the lab Instagram, I love outreach and education, and hope to be able to successfully communicate what we are doing, and would love to hear from anyone with questions about our lab or science in general. Hobbies of mine include reading, travel, dance, video games, sorority stuff, and being a NASA fan-girl. Eventually, Id like to participate in manned missions, and am an Astronaut scholar, so feel free to contact me about that as well!