Introduction to Medical Physics

Sanford L. Meeks, Ph.D., Director of Radiation Physics
UF Health Cancer Center – Orlando Health
March 31, 2017
PSB 160/161, 1:30-2:30pm

Abstract: Medical physics is concerned with the application of physics to the diagnosis and treatment of disease. It most often concerns radiation physics as applied to medical imaging and radiation therapy, and uses principles of radiation physics, medical electronics, bioengineering, and health physics (radiation safety). The purpose of this lecture is to provide a broad overview of medical physics, including descriptions of the various sub-disciplines and professional issues related to medical physics. Radiation therapy physics, which is the use of ionizing radiation to treat cancerous and benign disease, will be described in a more in-depth manner. Lastly, technologies and physics research projects underway at UF Health Cancer Center – Orlando Health will be discussed.