Stronger, faster, colder.

600 Mhz (14.09 T) 89 mm Bore Superconductive Magnet

Superconductive magnet provides a strong and highly uniform magnetic field to excite the magnetic resonance via Zeeman interaction with the spins. The magnetic field is generated by high intensity currents running in wires wound by superconductors, which consume no power at low temperature (4 K or below).

Magic Angle Spinning Triple Resonance Probes

NMR probe is essentially an RLC circuit resonant at the Larmor frequency of the spin. Fast spinning of the sample at 54.7 degree (magic angle) relative to magnetic field removes or attenuates the annisotropic interactions that broaden the NMR lines, and thus improves the spectrum resolution and SNR.

Recombinant Protein Expression and Purification system

Protein expression is performed with Innova43 incubator and shaker and purified with AKTA purifier in 4 C cold room.