March 10, 2022


The COLLIDE-2 experiment utilized the same experimental components that flew on STS-90. The hardware and software were modified using the results from COLLIDE in order to further characterize the amount and velocity of ejecta as a function of impact velocity and energy. COLLIDE-2 successfully flew in 2001 on space shuttle Endeavor (STS-108). COLLIDE and COLLIDE-2 consisted of five (5) major systems: the Primary Structure, the Impactor Box System, the Video Camcorder System, Batteries, and the Power and Logic System. Six (6) independent Impactor Box Systems (IBS’s) were implemented in these experiments and were controlled by a single logic unit and powered by a redundant set of batteries.

COLLIDE-2 Publications:

Low velocity impacts into dust: results from the COLLIDE-2 microgravity experiment