March 10, 2022


Strata-2P is a parabolic flight experiment program designed to advance testing capabilities and test tools for upcoming lunar missions.

Quad Chart from Strata-2P Proposal
Quad Chart from Strata-2P Proposal

Three of the experiment tubes from the Hermes ISS experiment
Three of the experiment tubes from the Hermes ISS experiment

Two experiment tubes from the Strata-S1 (suborbital) flight

Teacher-in-Residence Program

Strata-2P is focused on understanding the mechanical interactions between the particles that make up granular materials (e.g., rock, sand, dust) in variable gravitational accelerations prescribed by a parabolic flight aircraft. This project has applications to planetary surface studies, such as those focused on the Moon and asteroids, and is relevant to both human and robotic exploration missions such as the upcoming NASA Artemis and VIPER missions. The results of the Strata-2P experiments will offer insights into how the geometry of the grains, like shape and size, and varying gravitational effects contribute to how granular materials pack and settle during planetary exploration activities

This project will pilot a unique Teacher-in-Residence program that will give K-12 teachers a hands-on opportunity to participate in the research project, and then develop classroom activities suitable for their levels and students. Several of the teachers will participate in the research flights, as well.

The Teacher-in-Residence program will support four K-12 teachers with stipends of $5,000 for a total of eight weeks. For four weeks over the summer, teachers will work directly with the research team and have the opportunity to gain experience with programming microprocessors, image analysis using Python, data analysis and visualization, and device fabrication. Then, for the equivalent of four weeks spread over the school year teachers will develop, pilot, and share lessons for engaging students in the project. Participating teachers may also join the team on one of the research flights.

This application will help us get to know you and your students. Answering a particular way on a question probably won’t disqualify you. There are a few expectations of the program you’ll need to meet:

  • you’re a full-time K12 teacher in Florida
  • you can spend a significant amount of time (30-40 hr/wk) over several weeks this summer working on the project
  • you’re willing to help develop curriculum and outreach materials and use them with your own students next year

Does that sound interesting? Apply here. Deadline Sunday June 6. Questions about the Teacher-in-Residence program? Email Adam LaMee at