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Dr Montogomery received her PhD in Physics from Florida Institute of Technology in 2004. She joined UCF in 2004 where she is a Lecturer.

  • Montgomery, M.M., 2012a, “Tilt, Warp, and Simultaneous Precessions in Disks,” ApJ Letters, 753, L27.
  • Montgomery, M.M., 2012b, “Numerical Simulations of Naturally Titled, Retrogradely Precessing, Nodal Superhumping Accretion Disks,” ApJ, 745, L25
  • Montgomery, M.M. & Martin, E.L., 2010, “A Common Source of Accretion Disk Tilt,” ApJ, 722, 989
  • Montgomery, M.M., 2009, “Earth, Moon, Sun, and CV Accretion Disk,” ApJ, 705, 603
  • Montgomery, M.M., 2009, “Atlas of Tilted Accretion Disks and Source to Negative Superhumps,” MNRAS, 394, 1897


Close binary stars: eclipsing binaries, Algols, Cataclysmic Variables (CVs), accretion disks, planet formation, brown dwarfs and relations to CVs, polars, intermediate polars, non-magnetic CV systems — Physics Education Research:  numerical computation as a mode of learning in general education courses — Astrobiology: Payloads and Plants – Growing Plants in Simulated Martian Soils

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