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Dr. Velissaris received his PhD in Particle Physics from  University of Rochester in 1995. He was in Military Service. Corps of Engineers (1995-1997). He worked as a Post-doctoral Associate in New Mexico State University Stationed at Brookhaven National Lab (1997-2000). He joined  University of Wisconsin-Madison as  a Assistant Scientist in 2000. and Monmouth College as a Visiting Assistant Professor in 2005. He is a Lecturer at Department of Physics, UCF since 2006.

 “AC Circuit Analysis in a nutshell”. Fall 2012. Written for the Intermediate laboratory and the Analog Electronics Physics courses at UCF.

 “Statistical data Analysis in a nutshell”. Fall 2012. Written for the Intermediate laboratory Physics course at UCF.

 More than 50 publications in internationally recognised Scientific Magazines.

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