The PhysTEC program at UCF is increasing the number of highly-qualified high school physics teachers and transforming the learning environment for our own students. We do that with undergraduate Learning Assistantscourses on Physics pedagogy, a Physics B.A. degree with a focus in Education, and staffing a veteran high school teacher as full-time Teacher-in-Residence to recruit students into the teaching profession.

Become a Teacher

Teaching high school physics is a rewarding profession that allows you to have a tangible role in making the world a better place, great work-life balance, and job security. And it probably pays better than you think. Read more here.

Why is Physics so Important in High School?

Along with Biology and Chemistry, taking Physics in high school opens doors to lucrative and rewarding careers. Check out our new flyer for high school classrooms in half-page (color or b&w) and full-page (color or b&w). Here’s some evidence that helped convince my colleagues and me.

“… High school students hoping to complete a college degree in engineering or engineering technology should include a full year each of chemistry, physics, and (at least) pre-calculus.” — American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)