Why Teach High School Physics?

Here’s our Why Teach? flyer.

You’ll make a difference

Affect the lives of 100+ children every day.  Help the first person in a family graduate high school or prepare for a career that affords a better living than their parents.

Great benefits

Enjoy holidays and summers off, paid sick leave, inexpensive health insurance, and $1000s of student loan forgiveness.

Job security

Instead of “Can I get a job?” you’ll ask “Which job do I take?”

Professional opportunities

Contribute to state and federal education policy or spend summers doing  paid research at national labs.

Pathways to Teaching

Financial Incentives

TEACH grants award $4000 to undergraduates in a teaching program who agree to work in a high-need school teaching a high-need subject. More info here.

The federal government’s loan forgiveness and cancellation can be a big help, too. Two programs are:

  • Teacher Loan Forgiveness for math, science, and special education teachers at high-need schools (listing) erases a portion of your loan each year for five years (15%, 15%, 20%, 20%, 30%) up to $17,500 total.
  • Public Service Loan Cancellation for government and non-profit employees erases all qualifying loan debt after 10 years.


In Florida, the requirements for teacher certification at a public K-12 school are:

  • a bachelor’s degree in any subject.
  • passing three Florida Teacher Certification Exams:
    • the general knowledge exam includes English language, mathematics, and essay sections similar to the SAT or ACT.
    • the professional education exam covers pedagogy topics such as teaching English-language learners, assessment, and planning.
    • a subject area exam (the Physics exam covers the range of algebra-based Physics 1 & 2).
  • taking a few teaching classes, either before you graduate (at your university) or in the first three years of classroom teaching (free, online or face-to-face through the school district).

Find detailed descriptions and more information at the FL Department of Education certification page.

If you would like to teach Physics when you graduate or have any questions, contact our PhysTEC Teacher-in-Residence at Adam.LaMee@ucf.edu.