Peer Mentor Program

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Why Should You Join?

The peer mentoring program is a part of the Society of Physics Students' efforts to create a supportive community of physics students at UCF. A peer mentor is a more experienced student who provides guidance and encouragement to younger students just starting their academic careers. These mentors can provide information to younger students who are unfamiliar with the physics undergraduate program. The peer mentor program provides an opportunity for older students to pass down knowledge, experiences, and wisdom that made them successful in their physics major.


  • The peer mentor program provides an opportunity to connect early with faculty and fellow students.
  • Physics is a challenging area of study; mentors provide advice on studying, scheduling, and general support.
  • Mentors can give students a clear view of their field of study. They can provide recommendations on work load, work-life balance, and post-graduation plans.
  • When moving to a new institution or beginning a new area of study, there are many logistical and cultural barriers that can impede success. This program will help new students overcome barriers and provide mentors with opportunity leave a positive impact on UCF Physics.