Note relevant to students who are enrolling in PHY 2048 Sections 0001, 0002, 0008, 0201, and 0202 in Fall 2020.

The lab portion of PHY 2048 in these sections consists of an hour long recitation session and a two hour long lab activity session. Students are expected to physically attend both sessions. However, for students with elevated health risks or who are COVID-19 positive, or in quarantine at any time, or suspect they may have been exposed, or face significant difficulties attending these face-to-face sessions, we will offer an option to participate and complete assignments remotely.

In the hour long recitation session, students will be practicing problem-solving skills by completing tutorial worksheets and working in groups. A large lecture hall  (MSB 260), with seat capacity nearly 8 times larger than the number of students in the section, will allow for social distancing. One graduate teaching assistant (GTA) will be present in the lecture hall to guide students in the room while a second GTA will simultaneously guide students joining remotely.

The two hour long lab activities, also to be completed in groups, will be conducted with students in each section being spread across four classrooms to keep social distancing, at an occupancy of no more than 8 students per room. Students joining remotely will be able to collaborate with their group members via online conferencing.  Similar to the recitation sessions, each lab activity session will have two teaching assistants (GTAs), one physically present in the classroom and the other helping students online. If you need to participate in the lab sessions remotely, please inform your instructor and lab GTAs either by e-mail or their preferred method of communication.