We are very proud of our undergraduate students. Some of you just master the major. Many of you do an incredible work servicing the department helping in outreach activities, or getting involved with the student societies and department committees. Others excel in research collaborations with our faculty, as we all can see during the very impressive UG research showcases. And we do not forget those who help us in teaching the next generation of STEM professionals.

In your honor, we are glad to list the awards obtained by our undergraduate majors as far as we can tell. This list is not comprehensive. Please, let us know if you (our your student) has obtained an award or recognition. We would love to showcase here all of these achievements.


Awards obtained by undergraduate Physics Majors

Brian Ferrari / 2018 – Brian received the Society of Physics Students (SPS) Chapter Research Award ($2000) to complete an experimental test of deviations from the inverse square law at the mm range by modifying the original Cavendish Experiment with modern technology.

Klauss Dimitri / 2018 – The Judge’s Choice Award for physical sciences went to Klauss Dimitri, a Physics and Aerospace Engineering double major. This first-place prize recognizes his research developing the materials needed to eventually create quantum computers.

Michael Antia / 2016 – Mike was one of the latest undergraduate selected for a research experience with California Institute of Technology this summer. Caltech’s LIGO Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) program provides graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in the research and development program of Laser Interferometer Gravitational- Wave Observatory (LIGO). Mike was advised by Elena Flitsiyan.

Jonathan Nesper / 2016 – Jonathan received a OUR Travel Grant that will allow him to travel to the Frontiers in Optics/Laser Science, held by OSA-APS:DLS, in Rochester, New York, where he presented his research, also funded by OUR with an Undergraduate Grant. Jonathan is advised by Micahel Chini.

Tyler Townsend / 2016 –  Tyler received the 2nd Place on Physical Science Category ($500) in the UCF Undergraduate Research Forum. Tyler is currently a Honors in the Major Thesis student under the supervision of Enrique del Barco.

John Vastola / 2015 – John received an Outstanding Presentation award from the American Association of Physics Teachers. At the 2015 Winter Meeting in San Diego, CA, he presented “Using Integral Transforms to Evaluate Sums in Statistical and Quantum Mechanics.”

Sohang Gandhi / 2006 – Sohang was one of 60 students nationwide selected to USA Today’s All-USA College Academic Team.

Coleman Cariker / 2014 –  Founders Day HIM Thesis Award. Pressure and Temperature Response of a Stimuli Responsive Polymer Probed with Raman Microscopy. Directed by Alfons Schulte.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez Pons / 2008 Runner-up / Founders Day HIM Thesis Award. Geometrical Control of the Magnetization Direction in High-Aspect Ratio PdNi Ferromagnetic Nano-Electrodes. Directed by Enrique del Barco.

Adrienne Rowe / 2007Runner-up / Founders Day HIM Thesis Award. Age of the Gliese 569 Multiple System. Directed by Humberto Campins,

April Pope / 2005 Runner-up / Founders Day HIM Thesis Award. Near Infrared Raman Spectroscopy of Chalcogenide Waveguides and Application to Evanescent Wave Spectroscopy of Bio-Assembles.Directed by Alfons Schulte.