Red Spots and Black Holes

In this, our silliest episode yet, Josh, Addie and Tracy discuss the following two YouTube videos:
Chimpanzee Riding on a Segway
Hamster on a Piano.
Incidentally, they also discuss the following two astronomical stories:
Jupiter’s shrinking Great Red Spot. First discovered by Galileo Galilei, the large red storm on Jupiter is less than half as long as it was hundreds of years ago. Since we don’t know why, instead we discuss how hurricanes and toilets work.

Unified model of supermassive black holes in Active Galactic Nuclei needs revision. Most galaxies have supermassive black holes at their centers, but a recent survey indicates that the visibility of these supermassive black holes depends on how tightly clustered the galaxies are within their – well – clusters. We don’t understand what is going on here either, so we talk a bit about what a black hole is, and also doughnuts. Or donuts. Also, this black hole.

Walkabout the Galaxy can be found here on iTunes.

Erratum on this episode: Galileo did not identify Jupiter’s Red Spot. It appears to have first been observed by Robert Hooke in 1665 and by subsequent observers including Giovanni Cassini in 1666.