Program for Strategic Research and Studies

PMBF Podcast Series

Our podcast series presents discussions about Middle Eastern current events, history, and politics with experts and professors from UCF.

Ep. 1 – David Dumke 7/20/2017 

Director of the PMBF Program, David Dumke, discusses President Trump’s trip to the Middle East in the first installment of our PMBF Podcast Series.

Ep. 2 – Dr. Manar Elkhaldi 8/3/2017

Dr. Elkhaldi, a recent UCF graduate with a PhD. in Security Studies, discusses her research regarding the influence of religion in the Middle East.

Ep. 3 – Dr. Konstantin Ash 8/29/2017

Dr. Ash, an assistant professor in the UCF Political Science department, sat down to discuss his research as it pertains to one of the most well-known conflicts in the world right now: the Syrian Civil War.


Ep. 4 – Dr. Powell and Dr. Bell 09/19/2017

Dr. Powell Assistant Professor in the UCF Political Science Department & amp; Dr. Curtis Bell sat down to discuss their research as it pertains to food and security in the Middle East.

Ep. 5 – Dr. Peter Jacques – 10/17/2017

Dr. Jacques Professor and Internship Coordinator in the UCF Political Science Department

Ep. 6 – Ambassador Elam – Thomas

Ambassador Elam-Thomas Diplomacy Program Director at UCF Global Perspectives

Ep. 7 – Dr. Teddy Reynolds

Ted Reynolds is the Global Connections Senior Research Fellow in Terrorism Studies for the Office of the Special Assistant to the President for Global Perspectives at the University of Central Florida. His work focuses on using both qualitative and quantitative methods of research to understand terrorist/extremist radicalization and participation, particularly within social media and other computer mediated communication (CMC) environments.

Ep. 8 – Interview – Students Organize for Syria at UCF

Ep. 9 – Dr. Gunes Murat Tezcur

Ep. 10 – Dr. Roger Handberg