Student Theses

List of defended Masters Theses:


Brett  Jones Spring 2016 Public Opinion and the President's Use of Executive Orders: Aggregate- and Individual Level Analyses Across Time Dr. Drew Lanier
Michael Jones Fall 2015 Environmentalism and Environmental Constitutional Ballots Initiatives in Florida: The Elements of Support for Amendment One in 2014 in the Context of Current Environmental Attitudes Dr. Peter Jacques
Graham Romich Fall 2015 A Reassessment of the Presidential Use of Executive Orders, 1953-2008 Dr. Jonathan Knuckey
Candace  Compton Fall 2015 The Importance of Election Monitoring and Protest for Democratic Reform Dr. Jonathan Powell
Christine  Regnier-Bachand Summer 2015 Sexism and Women: The Implications of Female Gender Resentment Dr. Philip Pollock
Gregory McDowall Summer 2015 A Generational Perspective on the Development of Political History of Modern Iran     Dr. Houman Sadri
Joseph Dimino Spring 2015 Welcome to the Club: IGO Socialization and Dyadic Arms Transfers Dr. Thomas Dolan
Alexander  Ingram Spring 2015 Florida Vouchers: Student Salvation or Teacher’s Tool? A County Level Analysis of Students with Disabilities Diagnoses Rates.  Dr. Barbara Kinsey
Christine Regnier-Bachand Spring 2015 Sexism and Women: The Implications of Female Gender Resentment Dr. Philip Pollock
Galo Reyes Fall 2014 Political Participation and Populist Attitudes in Venezuelan Politics Dr. Bruce Wilson
Robert Burke Fall 2014 Perceptions of Power: Vice Presedential Media Coverage  
Alexandria Wilson Fall 2014 The Effects Of Divided Government On Women's Organizations’ Political Activity In Developed Democracies  
Matthew Doerting Fall 2014 Analyzing the Threat of a Nuclear Iran: a Future of Peril or Peace? Dr. Houman Sadri
Arisara Dean Fall 2014 Mass Mobilization and Democratization in South East Asia Dr. Andrea Vieux
Margaret Barnard Fall 2014 Positive Political Outcomes for Feminist Islam In Afghanistan: Identifying Development Program Features that Raise the Status of Women  Dr. Kerstin Hamann
Tiffany  Quick Summer 2014 The Modern Gender Gap in Partisanship and Ideology: a Cross National Analysis Dr. Jonathan Knuckey
Briana Vargas-Gonzalez Summer 2014 Supranational Organizations and Legitimacy: How the 2008 Global Economic Crisis has Affected Public Opinion on Membership in the EU Dr. Myunghee Kim
Josh  Stewart Summer 2014 The Pre-Emptive Election: How the Mass Media Determine Winners and Losers in Presidential Primaries, 1988-2012 Dr. Philip Pollock
Elias Assaf Summer 2014 Uncovering the Sub-Text: Presidents’ Emotional Expressions and Major Uses of Force Dr. Myunghee Kim
William George Summer 2014 Explaining State Crisis Behavior Using the Operational Code Dr. Mark Schafer
Gary Smith Summer 2014 Leadership Distrust, Need for Power, and the Initiation of Militarized Interstate Disputes Dr. Mark Schafer
Ashley Timmerman Summer 2014 When Leaders Repress: A Study of African States Dr. Thomas Dolan
Brandon Kelley Summer 2014 The Effects of State Leader Psychology on Civil War Lethality Dr. Paul Vasquez
Donald Plungis Spring 2014 Economic Inequality and Democratic Representative Institutions Across Western Industrialized Democracies Dr. Barbara Kinsey
Stephen  Phillips Spring 2014 Tea Time: A Comparative Analysis of the Tea Party Caucus and House Republican Conference in the One Hundred Twelfth Congress Dr. Philip Pollock
Clayton Besaw Spring 2014 Deadly Premonition: Does Terrorist-Leader Psychology Influence Violence Lethality? Dr. Mark Schafer
Albert Citron Fall 2013 Hidden in Plain Sight: Development and Testing of a Model to Evaluate Political Leadership Tactics Dr. Kerstin Hamann
Mesud Hasgur Fall 2013 The Perception of Turkey in the Middle East in the Last Decade: The Cases of Egypt and Tunisia Dr. Houman Sadri
Michael Hristakopoulos Summer 2013 On Obama Administration Gun Policy with Continual Reference to the Multiple Streams Model Dr. Andrea Vieux
David  Macdonald Summer 2013 The President’s Party at the Midterm: An Aggregate and Individual-Level Analysis of Seat Loss and Vote Choice in U.S. House Elections Dr. Jonathan Knuckey
Derek  Culp Summer 2013 Institutional vs. Non-Institutional Sources of Presidential Influence - Explaining Congressional-Presidential Relations in the Age of Polarization Dr. Nathan Ilderton
Kenneth Klose Summer 2013 Governmental Responses to Terrorism: Creating Costs and Benefits Dr. Thomas Dolan
Juliana Velasco Summer 2013 Regional Organizations and the Durability of Peace Dr. Thomas Dolan
Jonathan Williams Summer 2013 Incumbent Violence and Insurgent Tactics: The Effects of Incumbent Violence on Popular Support for Guerrilla Warfare and Terrorism Dr. Thomas Dolan
Nodwarang Niamvanichkul Summer 2013 Human trafficking in Southeast Asia Dr. Houman Sadri