Masters Program Timeline

MA Program Degree, Timeline & Forms

Spring 2019 Dates & Deadlines


  1.  Plan your courses. Before the end of your first semester you should meet (in person or by email) with the Departmental Graduate Program Director to plan your Program of Study (POS). Likely courses to be offered during your program of study can be seen here. The Program Coordinator is your academic advisor until you establish your thesis or capstone paper committee, when your committee chair becomes your advisor. For students starting in the fall, it is best to plan your POS after the preliminary list of courses for the following year is released about mid-October. To register for independent study use the Restricted Registration Agreement


  1. After your core requirements are met you can take the Comprehensive Exam.
    • Use the Comp Exam Req Form to inform the Program Assistant of your intention to take this exam by the deadline of the fourth Friday of the semester if fall or spring. Note the summer schedule is much faster.
    • The exam is normally scheduled on the sixth Friday of the semester if fall or spring. Note the summer schedule is much faster. Graders assess your performance using the the rubrics here and here.
    • You must be enrolled in a minimum of 3 credit hours in the semester you take Comprehensive Exam. However, if all your requirements are met, including thesis hours if you are doing thesis, you can enroll in only 1 credit of thesis hour (6971, if doing thesis) or directed research (6918, if doing non-thesis). Enroll with your committee chairs.
    • It is possible to take the Comprehensive Exam, coursework, and thesis credit in the same semester, but only if required core courses have been passed.


  1. After you pass your comprehensive exam and no later than the start of your last semester of classes:
    • Depending on whether you choose to write a thesis or non-thesis paper, form your thesis or non-thesis committee.
      • If you have chosen to write a thesis, after consulting a faculty member who has agreed to serve as your thesis chair submit to each member of your thesis committee your proposal in writing, along with the Thesis Proposal Carefully follow the multiple instructions on this form. Submit to the Program Assistant the Thesis Advisory Committee form.
      • If you have chosen to write a non-thesis research paper, submit the Non-thesis Proposal form to both faculty members who have agreed to serve as readers. Carefully follow the instructions for the proposal and final paper.
      • Whether you are doing thesis or non-thesis, your readers must be a members of the Graduate Faculty, seen here: Note that anyone who is not a member of the Graduate Faculty may still be eligible with permission of the Graduate Program Director.
      • Whether you are doing thesis or non-thesis, semester deadlines for all forms are the fourth Friday of the semester in the fall and spring semesters; note the summer schedule is much faster and varies. Consult with program assistant for multiple deadlines that vary by semester.
    • Note the Graduate Thesis/Dissertation Defense and Graduate Thesis/Dissertation Final Submission Deadlines at, which apply to non-thesis papers as well.
    • If course requirements are completed, students will need to register for at least one credit hour every semester until the thesis or non-thesis is successfully defended. Thesis students register for thesis credit (6971); non-thesis students register for directed research credit (6918); in either case register with your committee chair using the Restricted Registration Agreement


  1. During the semester you wish to graduate:
    • Early in the semester you need to file your Intent to Graduate form online through myUCF. Visit the registrar’s online academic calendar for the deadline, as it varies by semester.
    • You need to arrange your thesis or non-thesis defense with your committee members. Consult program assistant for deadlines, which vary by semester.
    • At your defense submit to your committee members the Thesis Approval or Non-thesis Approval Committee chairs will submit this form with committee signatures only after all required revisions are complete. Consult program assistant for important deadlines, which vary by semester.
    • If you presented your Non-thesis research paper at a conference, attach a photocopy of the page in the conference program that has your name and paper on it.