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The Best Article Award in Kurdish Political Studies

This award, sponsored by Kurdish Political Studies Program at the University of Central Florida, recognizes the best article in Kurdish Political Studies by a rising scholar during the previous calendar year. For this award cycle, articles published in 2017 will be considered. All articles published in English language peer-reviewed journals addressing questions and covering issues related to Kurdish politics, broadly defined, will be considered for the award. The award is open to all disciplines under social sciences and humanities. The primary author of the article needs to be an untenured scholar (graduate student, post-doc, independent scholar, assistant professor or equivalent) at the time of the publication. The winner will be awarded $500. The awardees will be announced by November 2018.

A copy of the nominated article should be sent by email to Güneş Murat Tezcür at tezcur@ucf.edu. Self- nominations are welcome.

Deadline for nominations: June 29, 2018.

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Clayton Besaw, a PhD candidate in the Security Studies Program and a member of our Research Group, is starting a full-time position as a Political Event Forecaster in One Earth Future based in Denver. Before he embarks on his car journey from Orlando to Denver, we have caught with Clayton to talk about his journey at UCF.

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