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Interests include sustainability, global environmental politics, ocean policy, and American Indian environmental politics

Global Environmental Change, Sustainability Science, Indigenous Sustainability Issues, Ocean Conservation, Climate Change and   Political Ecology/Green Political Theory.

Middle East Water Challenge

The UCF Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Program for Strategic Research and Studies (PMBF Program) hosted a panel of experts to discuss the growing issue of sustainable water and growing food insecurity in the Middle E... Read more

A Call for Humanitarian Priorities

Peter J. Jacques, Ph.D., professor in the UCF Political Science Department, was recently published on The Cipher Brief regarding Water Security in the Middle East: a Call for Humanitarian Priorities. The Cip... Read more

COS Celebrates Faculty Promotions

Promotion is a mark of accomplishment and a gratifying recognition from one’s peers. Because of their hard work and dedication, the following College of Sciences faculty and staff members have been promoted o... Read more

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