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Juliet A. Smith is a PhD student in the University of Central Florida’s Security Studies program.  Prior to beginning her PhD studies, Ms. Smith spent twenty-six years working in Washington DC for the Federal Government in a range of positions focused on national security policy development.  She began her government career in 1988 working for then-U.S. Senator Alan Cranston (D-CA) on his foreign policy team before joining the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency in 1992, and subsequently worked with the Department of State from 1999-2005.  Her efforts during that time emphasized actions to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and countering proliferation activities through interdiction, disruption, and network exploitation.  Her diverse responsibilities included working with international security organizations, such as the United Nations, International Atomic Energy Agency, and Conference on Disarmament, as well as multilateral and regional security organizations, such as the European Union, NATO, and the Global Partnership.  She has deep knowledge of the treaties and regimes that undergird WMD proliferation related policy priorities and initiatives, regional dynamics that may drive countries to acquire certain capabilities, export control policies, and sanctions as tools to influence country’s behaviors.  Following 9-11, she focused on understanding the nexus between WMD and terrorism, while also working to support negotiations related to North Korea’s nuclear aspirations.  Ms. Smith was also involved in developing several Presidential level initiatives, including the 2003 “Proliferation Security Initiative.”


In 2005, Ms. Smith became a “plank holder” or original cadre employee with the Director of National Intelligence, when she joined the newly created “National Counterproliferation Center,” which provides strategic guidance to the Intelligence Community working on WMD related issues. In 2009 she served on a “by name” detail back to the Secretary of State’s Special Advisor on Sanctions related to Iran, North Korea, and Syria.  In her final two years of federal service, she served within the Executive Office of the President on the National Security Council Staff as “Director for Proliferation Security Policy.”  In that capacity, she advised senior level officials, and provided guidance and policy direction to the national security agencies involved in the WMD proliferation and interdiction issue areas.  She also contributed heavily to initiatives involving China and other East Asian countries, Russian proliferation behavior, and enhancing worldwide counterproliferation capabilities.

Ms. Smith received her Bachelors degree in Political Science/International Relations from UCLA (1987), and her Masters Degree in National Security Studies from Georgetown University (1991).  She grew up in California, but lived in Northern Virginia outside of Washington DC, for much of the past two decades.  Ms. Smith was widowed in 2009 and has one son, Kye, who is thirteen.  She currently resides in Mount Dora, Florida and enjoyed leaving her snow shovels behind in Virginia.