About Us


Our central mission of the Lab is to a return education to the personal level and train students in the research process in a changing world.  We develop skills to help them advance their thinking, research skills, professionalism, interdisciplinarity, and team work.

 Fall 2013 Lab

 We are a multidisciplinary research team of faculty and graduate and undergraduate students working on the intersections of power in social ecological systems. This research include risk communication, marine systems (Social Oceanography), climate denial, food and climate-related security, and ecosystem services.

The Lab is a part of the Department of Political Science at the University of Central Florida and is led by Peter  Jacques.  The lab is an intellectual community of environmental researchers who are working to make a contribution to global sustainability– as Buckminster Fuller put it “making the planet work for 100% of humanity.”

If you would like to contact us, you can send us an email: The Political Ecology Lab@ UCF