Dr. Peter J. Jacques

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Peter Jacques is a Professor of Political Science at UCF and  has been working in global environmental politics and sustainability for over a decade. He has published 5 books (below) and many research articles on various related issues. Currently he is Managing Executive Editor for the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, the flagship journal for the Association of Environmental Studies and Sciences.

In 2012, Dr. Jacques won the UCF Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching award. He has also won the University 2010 UCF Service Learning Recognition Award for his service teaching method of putting environmental politics students in the field for greater understanding of the issues.  UCF students have given over 12,000 hours of service toward environmental citizenship.

His training was at Northern Arizona University under Zachary A. Smith. He was a fellow at the Center for Sustainable Evironments and holds a Ph.D. from NAU, which is a leader in interdisciplinary environmental affairs.  His most cited work thus far has been with Riley Dunlap and former graduate student, Mark Freeman:  “The Organization of Denial: The Link between Conservative Think Tanks and Environmental Skepticism,” 18:3,  Environmental Politics, 349-385 available here.

Sustainability: The Basics (Routledge 2015)

Environmental Skepticism: Ecology, Power, and Public Life (Ashgate 2009)

The Power of the Talking Stick: Indigenous Politics and the World Ecological Crisis, with Sharon Ridgeway (Paradigm Press 2013)

Globalization and the World Ocean (Alta Mira 2006)

Ocean Politics and Policy: a Reference Handbook with Zachary A. Smith (ABC/Clio 2003)