The Political Ecology Lab@UCF




The Political Ecology Lab is an undergraduate research group led by Peter J. Jacques, Professor of Political Science.

The reason for the Lab’s creation in 2012 was to make education personal. Thus, the Lab is kept to a handful of students chosen by Professor Jacques based on their willingness to commit 10 hours a week on Lab work, and enthusiasm for the issue areas of environmental politics and sustainability.

The goals of the Lab are to provide mentoring and professional development to a select group of students enthusiastic about research on environmental problems. We are an interdisciplinary group, anchored in social science. Students help Professor Jacques with his research and learn how research works, its promise and frustrations, research ethics, the role of methodology, the importance of theory, and the excitement of inquiry. Students also take on an independent project of their own, guided by Professor Jacques and presented at the Showcase for Undergraduate Research Spring semesters, as well as other conferences they may apply to attend. Past students have presented their work in national conferences, and have published their work in various venues such as the UCF Undergraduate Research Journal. Many students from the Lab are welcomed into strong graduate programs because of their experience with rigorous research.

If you have questions about the work we do in the Lab, or are a student interested in joining the Lab, send an email to Peter.Jacques AT ucf.edu