Dr. Kang is an Assistant Professor in the School of Politics, Security, and International Affairs at the University of Central Florida. Areas of specialization include international relations, positive political economy, econometrics, and formal & computational modeling. Before teaching at UCF, he also taught various graduate courses of research methods and security studies at Claremont Graduate University and the University of Southern California. His academic works appeared in International Studies Quarterly (with Kugler et al.), International Interactions (with Abdollahian),and several book chapters. He earned his BA (2001) in Political Science from Yonsei University (Seoul, Korea), MA (2008) in Economics and PhD (2011) in Political Science & Economics from Claremont Graduate University.

Research Areas

Dr. Kang has developed a keen interest in international relations and strong expertise in formal & empirical modeling. His ongoing research projects focus on the analytical analyses of: Deterrence of WMD, Economic recovery process from war, Measure of political performance, Dynamics of political demography, and Global Power Transition.

Dr. Kang’s specific research interests include:

  • Political Science: Theories of Conflict Processes, Positive Political Economy
  • Economics: Public Choice, New Institutional Economics, Economic Growth, International Economics
  • Methods: Game Theory, Econometrics, Bayesian Methods, Multilevel Modeling, Agent-Based Modeling, System Dynamics Modeling, Social Network Analysis

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