Psychopathology Graduate Class

Course Syllabus (Fall, 2016): Child Psychpath Syllabus Fall 2016 Grad Final
Week 1 Readings:

Coghill & Sonuga-Barke (2012)

Kessler et al. (2005) 

Rapee et al. (2012) 

Stein et al. 2010 

Clinical Disorder Table: Clinical Disorder Table 2014

Class Notes–Week 1: PP Week 1 2015 pdfWebSite

Week 2 Readings and Handouts:

Truax & Jacobson pdf

Miller & Chapman 2001. Misunderstanding ANCOVAs

Roth Epigenetics early development 2014

Week 2 Class Notes: Week 2 2015 pdf Grad Child Psychopathology Class Notes

Week 3 Readings and Handouts:

Barkley 1997 Psych Bulletin

Becker et al (2016) SCT meta-analysis

Alderson et al. 2007 BI paper

Rapport et al. ADHD Chap 14 pp 1-35

Rapport et al. ADHD Chap 14 pp. 36-56

Rapport et al. 1999 Dual Pathway Model

Rapport et al. 2008 WM


Porrino et al. (1983)

Class Notes: ADHD 2016 Class Notes pdf

Week 4 Readings and Handouts: [note: be certain to also read the Dirkstein et al meta analysis below]

Rapport et al. 2009 WM Hyperactivity

Kofler et al. 2010 WM and Attention

Dirkstein meta analysis fMRI

Rapport et al. WM Meta Analysis 2013

Shaw et al. 2007 pdf


ADHD pdf Class Handouts

Week 5 and 6 (ODD + CD) Readings and Handouts

Loeber et al. ODD CD 2000

Steiner & Remsing 2007 practice parameters

Burke, Loeber, & Birmaher ODD review Part II

Frick 2012 CD development

Kahn Frick Youngstrom 2012 CD callous traits

Rapport LaFond Sivo 2009 Rasch Analysis

Week 7 Mood Disorders

Carlson_Unmasking Masked Dep

Cole Peeke et al. 1998

Practice Parameters for Depression 2007

Week 8 Bipolar Disorder

Carlson and Meyer 2006 Bipolar Disorder

Baroni Lunsford et al. 2009 Review of Bipolar Disorder

Youngstrom and Duax 2005 Evidence Based Assessment of Bipolar Disorder

Stringaris et al. Pediatric Bipolar vs Severe Mood Dysregulation 2010

Leibenluft et al Defining Clinical Phenotypes of Juvenile Mania

Week 9 Anxiety Disorders

Chapter 13 and DSM-5

Kagan Reznick Snidman 1987

Mineka & Zinbarg, 2006

Week 10 Anxiety Disorders

Schwartz, Snidman, & Kagan, 1999

Hale et al., 2009

Miers et al. (2013) Social anxiety trajectories

Clauss & Blackford 2012 BI and risk for Social Anxiety Disorder

Week 11 Developmental Spectrum Disorders

Tanguay, 2000 PDF

Lord & Jones 2012 Re-thinking autism spectrum disorder

Week 12 Tourette’s and Related Childhood Disorders





Week 13 Early Onset Schizophrenia

Gilmore 2010 Understanding schizophrenia

Waters et al., 2012

Week 14 Elimination Disorders, Sleep Disorders, Child Abuse/Neglect

Alfano Zakem Costa et al 2009 pdf

Class Handout: Encopresis 2013

Week 15 Intellectual Disability/Learning Disability/Academic Problems

MR Practice Parameters 1999

Ferrari Borderline Intellectual Functioning

Class Handout: Intellectual Disability 2013

Final Exam Possible Questions:(in addition to each of clinical disorder table sheets for all disorders covered in class this semester):

Doctoral Student PP Presentations: