Director of DREAM Lab

Lidia Meshesha, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
University of Central Florida

Brown University
Clinical Psychology Residency
Postdoctoral Fellowship

University of Memphis
PhD Clinical Psychology
MS Psychology

Williams College
BA Psychology

Graduate Students

Tatiana Magri, BS

Tatiana Magri is a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology program at UCF. She is interested in intervention and prevention of alcohol related consequences and problems, especially within college students, minority populations and underserved communities. Her research involves determining what aspects of an individual influences the experience of alcohol related problems and how best to mitigate those problems within affected populations.

Tatiana joined the DREAM lab after graduating from the University of Central Florida with a BS in Psychology and with 3 years of research experience as a research assistant and lab manager.

Minh Dung Nguyen, BA

Minh is a first-year student in the Clinical Psychology PhD program at the University of Central Florida. Her research interests focus on behavior mechanisms of change that contribute to the development and maintenance of addiction. More specifically, she is interested in individual differences in behavior and environmental influences on behavior that can be targeted for intervention efforts in substance use. Before coming to UCF, she was a clinical research assistant in the Division of Drugs, Alcohol, and Addiction at McLean Hospital in Massachusetts. Minh completed her B.A in psychology from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA in 2019.