Welcome to EHWB Lab!

Employee Health and Well-Being Laboratory

The Employee Health and Well-Being lab focuses on conducting research on the factors that positively or negatively impact the health and well-being of current, past, or future employees. The lab is led by Dr. Steve Jex. The secondary goals of the lab are 1) to teach students about the process of conducting research and 2) help students to establish and cultivate collaborative research relationships. The lab is divided into 4 subgroups; The Chronic Illness Subgroup, the Contemporary Issues subgroup, the Aging and Retirement subgroup, and the Interpersonal Mistreatment subgroup. We have multiple projects going on, but the two that are furthest along are the Contemporary Issues Subgroup’s project examining the Quiet Quitting phenomenon and the Aging and Retirement subgroup’s project that focuses on enhancing older workers’ subjective well-being and workability.

We have a lot of opportunities for undergraduate involvement!