UCF IMMERSE allows researchers to combine  virtual, augmented, and mixed reality with a robust suite of neurophysiological recording tools to study people working together in environments ranging from the lab, to mixed reality, to virtual reality, to the real world.


The lab provides access to a VR projection system, four HMD VR systems which can be fully integrated to construct shared environments, four Magic leap AR systems, a Collins-Aerospace Coalescence MR system, four Tobii Live Pro Glasses 2 mobile eye tracking systems, four BioNomadix portable physiological measurement systems, and three CGC Mobile-64 EEG systems.  All systems can be combined to capture a comprehensive perspective of human behavior across different environments, tasks, and social settings.



UCF IMMERSE is comprised of a diverse team of researchers with complementary skill sets that combine backgrounds in STEM education, organizational behavior, team performance, clinical psychology, cognitive neuroscience, human factors, cognitive science, aviation, and engineering, allowing for the exploration of exciting and novel research questions.