The Full Report for the Division 46 Task Force on the Sexualization of Popular Music, chaired by Dr. Wright, is now available.

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The MM Lab accepts a limited number of Undergraduate Research Assistants each academic year. It is expected that Research Assistants will present findings at psychological conferences and, hopefully, collaborate in journal publications! Research Assistants can also expect to share their findings at the Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence (SURE), Florida Undergraduate Research Conference, in the Undergraduate Research Journal, as well as other opportunities offered through UCF’s Office of Undergraduate Research. Research Assistants for the lab have won competitive scholarships to attend and present at national conferences, competitive scholarships for their research, as well as the Burnett Research Scholars Grant for their work (formerly SMART).

photo sure2014Michelle Craske, Ledalis Zamora, Amanda Small, Casey White, & Stephanie Rosales at the 2014 SURE Conference

If you would like to do research in the area of media influences on development, health compromising behaviors, racial and gender stereotypes, immigration stress, acculturation or academic achievement you should consider working in the MM Lab!

Jessie SURE

Jessie Shafer at the 2014 SURE Conference.

Acceptance of undergraduate research assistants is determined by the application content, MM lab space at the time of application, and the quality of the interview. New MM Lab undergraduate research assistants will undergo an orientation, attend seminars on research design and methodology and work directly on MM lab studies. Research Assistants can expect to work on various aspects of the research process. This may include assisting to prepare a study for IRB review, conducting experiments, data coding and analysis using SPSS, SPSS data entry, and assisting in the preparation of research presentations and publications. Research Assistants will earn college class credit for the work in the lab, which is an excellent way to document their involvement in research when applying to graduate programs.

michelle sure 2014 winnerMichelle Craske at the 2014 SURE Conference. Michelle won 2nd place in the Social Sciences Division!

Given the level of responsibility given to all team members, research assistants must:

  1. Be a UCF undergraduate student majoring in Psychology.
  2. Have a GPA of 3.5 or higher at time of application.
  3. Commit to working in the lab for a minimum of one academic year.
  4. Commit to solely working in the MM Lab (RAs cannot RA in other research labs at the same time)
  5. Have taken statistical methods of psychology with a final grade of A.
  6. Have taken research methods with a final grade of A.
  7. Successfully complete and provide a copy of the completion report of UCF’s IRB required Human Subjects Training on-line tutorial. The tutorial can be accessed at
  8. Work in the research lab a minimum of 3 hours a week.
  9. Successfully complete a face to face interview with a member of the MM Lab team.
  10. Plan on pursuing a graduate degree in Psychology or related field.

SURE 2013 - Kendra Bartel (2)SURE 2013 - Heather Lopez (2)


Students interested in becoming a part of the MM lab can apply by clicking on the ‘apply’ tab and completing the online application.  Once you have completed the application, you will be contacted a few weeks later to schedule a meeting with Dr. Wright or a member of the research team. Feel free to email Dr. Wright with questions about the RA selection process (




Top to bottom: Jack Bartel & Heather Lopez at the 2013 SURE Conference.

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