The MM Lab currently has 10 Undergraduate Research Assistants:

Reilly Branch is a Clinical Psychology major with minors in Russian Studies and Crime, Law, and Deviance. She plans to graduate in Spring 2021 and intends to enroll in a Ph.D. program upon graduation. In graduate school, she would like to focus her research on aggression, violence, and forensic psychology, as evidenced by her undergraduate certificates in criminal profiling and behavioral forensics. She hopes to someday work for a federal agency, merging her interests of psychology, criminal justice, the Russian language, and national intelligence. In her free time, she likes to technical SCUBA dive, be around family and friends, and watch true crime documentaries

Jared Champa is a junior at UCF majoring in psychology. He will graduate in spring 2021 and plans to enroll in the master’s program focusing on industrial organization psychology. Jared has a strong interest in working in the medical field as an I/O psychologist. In his free time, he likes to learn about new technology and spend time with his family.


Hang Duong is a junior majoring in Psychology. She plans to graduate in Spring 2021. She is exploring her interests in Developmental Psychology and Environmental Psychology; expects to receive a Ph.D. in the field she desires. Joyce is currently focusing on enhancing her research experience and planning to complete a HIM thesis prior to her graduation. She loves reading self-help materials, eats mostly plant-based and follows a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Her life motto is: Choose Experiences Over Things.

Alaysia Herndon is a Clinical Psychology major with a minor in Human Services at the University of Central Florida. She is from South Florida and graduated from Palm Beach State College with her Associates in Arts the spring of 2018. She hopes to go into the counseling field with a focus on  either marriage and family counseling or child psychology. She has been working with kids the majority of her life and finds sincere gratification in helping children succeed. Her goal with research is to make a lasting impact on the community and help our society understand the complexities of the mind.

Grace McCleskey is a Clinical Psychology major with a minor in Technical Communication at the University of Central Florida. She is native to Central Florida, and she graduated with her Associate in Arts from Eastern Florida State College in summer of 2017. She plans to enter graduate school after receiving her undergraduate degree, ultimately to focus on Child Psychology. She has been at work with school-aged children for three years and loves to see them grow. In her free time, she works as a substitute teacher and enjoys baking with her friends.

Stephanie Mihalache is a junior at UCF majoring in Clinical Psychology. She is planning to graduate in Fall 2020 and attend graduate school to complete her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. She hopes to pursue a psychologist’s career, where she will mainly focus on working with children. Stephanie is currently starting her journey here at UCF with research in the Honors in the Major thesis through the Burnett Honors College. In her free time, she enjoys reading forensic psychology research and watching movies based on true stories. She also likes to spend time with her family and friends and enjoy the farmers market on Saturdays.

Alexandra Oropallo is a senior at UCF majoring in Psychology on the Clinical Track. She also has minors in Women’s and Gender Studies and Human Services. She is from Tallahassee, FL and plans on graduating in spring of 2021. After graduation, Alex plans to pursue a graduate degree in order to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and hopefully focus her work with women and disadvantaged minorities. Alex is starting her Honors in the Major Thesis Program through the Media and Migration Lab. She is also a Peer Advisor in the Psychology Advising Center and in her free time she plays on UCF’s Women’s Club Ultimate Frisbee Team.

Olivia Reynolds is a junior majoring in psychology at UCF. She plans on graduating in summer of 2020 and going on to graduate school to receive her Ph.D in Clinical Child Psychology. She hopes to open up her own private practice to help children. In her free time, she likes to volunteer at elementary schools, spend time with friends and family, and create different forms of art.



Delaney Rust is a Clinical Psychology major with a minor in Early Education Development. She plans to graduate in Spring 2021 and enroll in UCF’s School Psychology graduate program. She has aspirations to work with children in an effort to help develop and meet the goals of each child. She is an avid animal and environmental advocate who spends her time gardening and eating plant-based whole foods.

Samira Youssef  is a junior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Computer Science. She plans to graduate in Spring 2021 and attend graduate school after that. Samira is interested in the field of human-computer interaction and hopes to positively contribute back to society by helping to create different forms of technology more efficient and available, with the ultimate goal of improving human welfare. She enjoys spending free time exploring nature and creating art.


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