Undergraduate Research Assistants:

Jeremy Boldon is a senior at University of Central Florida studying Psychology with an emphasis in Neuroscience and a minor in Cognitive Science. He plans on graduating in May of 2022. After graduation, Jeremy plans on pursuing a Master’s degree focusing on the area of Social or Cognitive Psychology. His future aspirations include conducting research that will enhance and improve the lives of disadvantaged youth and those with mental health issues. In his free time, Jeremy enjoys reading, gaming, and music.

Aya Casden is a junior majoring in Clinical Psychology at the University of Central Florida.  She is planning to graduate in 2022 and continue on to graduate school. Her goal is to become a licensed therapist and one day open her own private practice. Aya is also part of the Burnett Honors College, as well as an undergraduate teaching assistant for Research Methods in Psychology. In her free time, she loves to spend time with friends, and also enjoys exploring future travel possibilities.

Kwame Gatlin is a Senior majoring in Clinical Psychology and History. He will be graduating spring 2022 and plans to enroll in a Masters program focusing on Clinical Psychology upon graduation. He aims to become a psychologist working specifically with married people, children, and families. In his free time, he likes to exercise, hike, and spend time with friends and family.

Kassandra Hincapie is a fourth year Psychology major on the general track with a minor in Cognitive Science and certificate in Behavioral Forensics. Her versatility comes from her passion for learning and helping. This semester she satisfies multiple undergraduate expectations by acquiring a Teaching Assistant position as well as this Research Assistant role. With an anticipated graduation date of May 2022, she is exploring graduate schools to earn her doctorate degree in Developmental Psychology. Her ideal future career would be in a pediatric or young children’s center studying their cognitive development. She may also take up musical therapy one day, if possible. She’s very eager to be part of her first research project and can’t wait to graduate saying she did a bit of everything a psych student should do.

Donna Larson is a senior majoring in Clinical Psychology at UCF. Specifically, she is interested in psychotropic medication and the significant role it plays in the treatment of mental disorders. She plans to graduate in the Summer of 2022. Following graduation, she plans to attend medical school to pursue psychiatry. Prior to attendance, she wants to gain as much experience in both medical and research-related fields.

Caitlin Rechdan is a junior majoring in Clinical Psychology and minoring in Philosophy. She plans to graduate in Spring 2023 and move on to achieve her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling. With this degree, she hopes to create her own practice based in Central Florida, specializing in children and young adults. In her free time, Caitlin works as a Student Assistant in the Psychology department and serves as vice president in Philosophy Society on campus.

Yuval Segev is a senior at UCF majoring in psychology. He plans to graduate in 2022 and hopes to take advantage of his position as a research assistant to further explore his interests in research and to apply it towards areas of positive psychology and wellbeing to establish direction for graduate school. Outside of academics, Yuval is passionate about health, nutrition, fitness, and personal development.

Stephanie Sommer is a senior majoring in clinical psychology and minoring in studio art at the University of Central Florida. She plans to graduate from the Burnett Honors College in 2022. Furthermore, she hopes to attend graduate school to work towards becoming a licensed therapist. Outside of psychology, Stephanie creates traditional and digital art, and loves to spend quality time with her family and friends

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