Clinical Services

Caregiver Support Groups
Dr. Paulson and his students provide caregiver support groups through UCF Health at Quadrangle on University Blvd. close by the UCF campus in Orlando.

Cognitive Evaluations
Many older adults experience memory problems.  A thorough geriatric cognitive evaluation can measure cognitive domains including memory, verbal ability, and executive functioning.  Results of cognitive evaluations can help identify both probable causes of decline and strategies to preserve independence in late life.  Through the UCF Psychology Clinic we offer geriatric cognitive assessments.

Psychotherapy for Depression and Anxiety
Like anyone else, older adults sometimes experience depression and anxiety.  Fortunately, modern clinical research has identified numerous empirically-supported interventions for the treatment of these problems.  Dr. Paulson and his students in the UCF Clinical Psychology PhD program employ empirically supported practices in the treatment of all patients, including older adults.

For more information, please visit the UCF Psychology Clinic website or contact us at:

UCF Psychology Clinic
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