Research Presentations

On this page, you’ll find information on the Older Lab’s publications, oral presentations, and poster presentations.


  • Paulson, D. Bassett, R., Kitsmiller, E., Luther, K., Conner, N. (In Press). Planned behavior versus real behavior: Labor force participation among family caregivers. Clinical Gerontologist.
  • Shah, M., Paulson, D. (In Press). C-reactive protein moderates the relationship between moderate alcohol use and frailty. Age and Ageing.
  • Paulson, D., Shah, M., Matero, L. Eshelman, A., Abouljoud, D. (In Press). Cognition predicts quality of life among patients with end-stage liver disease. Psychosomatics.
  • Paulson, D., Bassett, R. (In Press). Prepared to care: Adult attachment and filial obligation. Aging & Mental Health.


Oral Presentations

  • “C-Reactive Protein Level Partially Mediates the Relationship between Moderate Alcohol use and Frailty: The Health and Retirement Study,” to be presented by Mona Shah on November18, 2016 at GSA Annual Scientific Meeting, New Orleans, LA. 
  • “The relationship between alcohol use, C-reactive protein, and health outcomes among older adults,” presented by Mona Shah on January 26, 2016 at the Gerontology Research Roundtable, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL.


Poster Presentations


  • “Preliminary Evidence for Implementing a Feasible Support Group for Caregivers of Dementia in a Primary Care Setting.” Shah, M., Paulson, D., Scott, R. & Herring, D.  To be presented at the ABCT Annual Meeting, New York, NY (October 2016).
  • “Apolipoprotein E and dementia: Dose effects versus brain reserve.” Scott, R. & Paulson, D.  Presented at the AAIC Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada, July 2016.


  • “Relationship between cerebrovascular burden, ApoE, and late-life depression: The Wisconsin Longitudinal Study.” Scott, R. & Paulson, D.  Presented at the GSA Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida, November 2015.
  • “Alcohol Use and Frailty Among Older Adults in the United States: The Health and Retirement Study.” Shah, M. & Paulson, D.  Presented at the GSA Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida, November 2015.
  • “The Relationship between the Perception of Caregiver Control, Filial Obligation, and Caregiver Burden.” Herring, D., Paulson, D., Sims, V., Chin, M., Luther, K. Presented at the GSA Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida, November 2015.


  • “Filial obligation, adult attachment, and preparedness among prospective caregivers.” Bassett, R. & Paulson, D.  Presented at the GSA Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C. November 2014.
  • “Alcohol Use and Morbidity Among Older Adults in the United States.” Shah, M. & Paulson, D.  Presented at the RSA Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas, November 201.