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I am new to the Psychology Department, but not new to academia. My doctoral work (in the 1970s) was in physiological psychology, but in 1981 I began a career in management in a college of business administration. I spent twenty-five years in business, as a professor of management. However, from 1990 until 2013 I was a college administrator. I was an associate dean, interim dean and associate vice president for academic affairs at a private university in Illinois. Then in 2006 I came to UCF as associate vice president for academic affairs then as associate vice president for strategic planning. In 2013 I made the decision to resume my long ago career in psychology, capitalizing on my years in management then as an administrator to become research professor of psychology in the Psychology Department at UCF. I am in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology program.
I have a research interest in collectivism, individualism and work commitment, especially in the former Soviet Union. I have worked for over twenty years in Russia, helping in the development of higher education programs in business and also teaching business principles to Russian business executives. Now that I am in the Psychology Department, I am pursuing research on personality factors and organizational commitment in Russia. My interest is the interaction of personality and culture, and how those factors shape behavior at work. I have a special interest in collectivism and authoritarianism and how they are shaped by culture and history.

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