About Us

Who we are

This student-led lab is run by IO PhD student Colleen Cui. In this lab, we focus on research questions related to what people think about various stimuli in work-related situations.

Current projects

Metaperception Accuracy: This study seeks to understand whether people are accurate in their perceptions of what interviewers think of them. We compare perceptions in a video call context vs. a phone call context.

Current members

Colleen Cui
PhD student

Jessica Barbosa
Recent B.S. graduate

Eugenia Vivas Campilii
Undergrad student

Tatiana Rivera
Undergrad student

Kate Fitzpatrick
Undergrad student

Ambar Spraker
Undergrad student

Daniel Fraasch
Undergrad student

Cheska Magdadaro
Undergrad student

Join Us!

         We accept new undergraduate research assistants on a need-based basis. Please email colleen.cui@ucf.edu with your resume.