November 18, 2015

Training & Development

Performance Solutions offers insight into the effectiveness and efficacy of a training intervention. We offer analyses to gauge the strengths and needs of your training programs.

Needs Analysis

We match employees with training interventions based on their key needs for development. Focus your resources to identify which training program will be the most effective for your business goals. This process identifies the employees in most need for development, which employees are already performing at a satisfactory level, what developmental tools will be most effective, and how to implement the training process in the most effective way possible.

Utility Analysis

Performance Solutions offers a quantitative method to measure the monetary benefits for training interventions. Clients will receive an estimate on their return on investment for offering Training & Development programs to their employees. This can drastically reduce the costs of offering ineffective training programs to employees that do not lead to any meaningful increase in performance.

Creating Training Programs

For clients looking to create a Training Program, we will design a training program specifically suited to meet your business needs and objectives. This process can include needs analysis, utility analysis, and other analytical tools to identify that the most cost-effective and efficient methods to improve your employees’ performance, and the productivity of your organizational as a whole.