November 18, 2015

Performance Management

Performance Solutions supplies clients with a variety of methods to appraise performance and increase desired results.  These evidence-based methods offer an objective analysis to management and beneficial feedback to the employee.

360 Feedback

This feedback intervention allows for everyone in the organization who interacts with the employee to have a say on their performance. In addition, the feedback from the subordinates and superiors provides employees with an array of vital information by illustrating their strengths and recommendations for improvements.

Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS)

Performance Solutions can redesign rating scales to accurately represent what employee behaviors qualify as exemplary or poor performance. We use our Critical Incident Technique to anchor rating scales in order to recognize true, quality production.

Structured Feedback Interventions

Sometimes the toughest task in a management position is providing quality feedback to an employee. Sometimes providing feedback can have negative consequences, however, they are a requirement for business growth and development. Mitigate those negative reactions to feedback by using a structured feedback intervention where we utilize psychological principles to receiving feedback to enhance the quality and objectivity of your interventions.